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Clinical SMS

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Serious Adverse Events Management System

Clinical SMS is a data management system that can be used manage serious adverse events. It is delivered through a browser and has minimal requirements from the user. It is simple to use yet powerful since it can execute SAS queries and stores data in SAS datasets. Some of the features include:

  • Data Entry - Data entry screens can be customized with standard entry objects such as check boxes, pull down menus and edit text.
  • Edit Checks - Sophisticated cross database edit checks can be authored and automatically generated with SAS data step logic.
  • Query Discrepancies - Queries can be automatically generated based on edit checks capturing data discrepancies where it can be managed and communicated through email.
  • Database Creation - Databases can be created by importing existing standard structures or new uploaded data from external sources in many different formats.
  • Reporting - Standard prepared reports can be refreshed and updated to capture the latest data including CIOMS forms.

Desktop Screenshots

Clinicalsms screen1.jpg

Clinicalsms screen2.jpg

Clinicalsms screen3.jpg

Published Papers related to Clinical SMS

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