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Extract Oracle Clinical data To SAS

  • Automate the Creation of SAS data from Oracle Extracts Views
  • Easy Configuration for SAS/ACCESS® to Oracle
  • Data Integrity Checks for Standards
  • Added Data Table Labels and Sort Order
  • Create Template Annotated CRF based on Extracts

Extract Oracle Clinical to SAS

Automate the process of creating SAS datasets or views from Oracle Clinical extracts. Configuration and environment variable verification is implemented to simplify configuration of SAS/Access to Oracle. This will make the process of configuring SAS much more user friendly.

Data Integrity

Variable and dataset names will be compared for consistency during extract. A report is created to capture inconsistency for data standard compliance. Data table level labels and sort order is applied to enhance the extract views and datasets. A template annotated case report form is created with extracted variables. This allows for the creation of SAS variable annotated CRF with greater accuracy since there is no retyping of variable names. The process of creating SAS datasets with ExtractOC will create data in a much more consistent manner with greater integrity.

User Friendly

All features are accessible through a user friendly user interface. This is coupled with a macro scripting option to automate performing batch processing with greater efficiencies.

Desktop Screenshots

Extractoc screen1.jpg

Extractoc screen2.jpg

Extractoc screen3.jpg

Video Tutorials

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