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MXI Plugin

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SAS Analytics Delivered to Microsoft Office

  • Deliver SAS Reports and Data to Excel Users.
  • User Friendly Office Interface for Parameter Selection without Programming.
  • Capture Real Time Data from SAS Directly from Excel or Word.
  • Does not Require SAS on Client or other SAS Modules on Server.

Deliver Power of SAS to MS Office

Any SAS macros, programs or data can be delivered to MS Excel and MS Word without requiring SAS on the client. By simply registering the programs or SAS libraries, you can make this available to specified users who connect via standard TCP network protocols and results are delivered into a spreadsheets or MS Word documents. This is executed in real time so the user gets always the latest data.

User Friendly

Users do not need to be SAS programmers since the parameters of the SAS Macros are delivered as selection boxes and pull down menus. The standard familiar MS Office interface is now the front end to customized powerful analytical summary reports from a SAS server. The registration of SAS programs, data and definition of parameters is flexible with a user interface or a macro interface.

Cost Effective

MXI Plugin™ does not require SAS on the client machine. Multiple clients can therefore access one SAS server. The SAS server does not require additional multi-tier software but just SAS/BASE. This is a cost effective, elegant yet powerful solution.

MXI Plugin Client Demo

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