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Metacoda Security Plug-ins

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productivity through metadata visibility

[1]Metacoda Security Plug-ins can be installed into the SAS Management Console to help you manage, review, audit, troubleshoot and document metadata security for your SAS platform installation.

Metacoda Security Plug-ins aid SAS platform administrators in 3 ways:

  • productivity - power to find metadata security information very quickly
  • best practices - ability to spot potential issues through the display of best practice indicators
  • documentation/audit - ease in generating documentation in HTML format

  • To help you decide on licensing Metacoda Security Plug-ins, request and evaluation version from the Contact us page at

    "SAS metadata security requires careful planning and execution. Metacoda Security Plug-ins, with it's unique birds-eye view, provide an ideal way to validate our security model once implemented. As we evolve our security model it’s comforting to know that we can get an instant overview of the results." Ivor Moan, Verivox GmbH

    Metacoda is a SAS Alliance Silver Member that specialises in the development of plug-ins for SAS software to help you get even more out of your SAS software investment.

    We also provide consultancy, training and support services with the installation, usage and maintenance of Metacoda software.