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ThesQA™ is a set of tools that allows you to manage the quality of your adverse event and drug thesaurus mapping and coded terminology. This is particularly challenging when working with CROs and trying to reconcile their mapping decisions. The mapping from one set of data from a CRO may conflict with another set from other CROs or from your own internal mapping decisions. ThesaurusQA delivers tools that help you reconcile these differences in order to maintain global and project specific standards that enable consistent and accurate mapping. Some of the features include:

  • Dictionary Management - Set up internal global and project specific dictionaries.
  • Verify - Compare external mapping with internal dictionaries. This includes verifying code lists for maintaining consistency.
  • Updates - Update internal dictionaries with mapping decisions from external mapped data. Edit and update coded terminology.
  • Coded Terminology Management - Mange dictionary of coded terminology.
  • Import - Import coded terminology from SAS format catalogs or datasets.
  • Apply - Apply coded terminology as a new variable or over existing variables.

Desktop Screenshots

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