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Data Transformation

Transdata™ is a tool that can be used to efficiently transform your SAS data into standards. This is used for projects such as moving towards data standards such as CDISC or larger analysis such as an integrated safety summary (ISS) where multiple data structures needs to be transformed. Some of the features include:

  • User friendly interface for deciding your data transformation models.
  • Default examples including CDISC data transformation models to add efficiencies.
  • Code generation for transformation that can be customized.
  • Complete audit trail and standard SAS data step code generation for ease of validation.

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Desktop Screenshots

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Web Version Screenshots

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Transdata screen1 (1).jpg

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Suite of Tools

Transdata is part of a suite of tools which can be implemented to provide data for your submission that is compliance to regulatory requirements. This automate the process and delivers data with greater accuracy and integrity


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