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Trialex System

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Trialex System™ is a Web-based clinical information management system designed for biotech and pharmaceutical data. It is a collaborative tool for effective data warehousing and electronic submission within an intranet. Trialex System delivers an intuitive interface to the analysis and reporting of clinical information. This feature rich system creates a standardized environment for implementing a production information management system. The easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to all the tools necessary within an intranet. With Trialex System, you can:

  • Establish and enforce standards within a hierarchical object oriented model
  • Achieve optimization through dependency management
  • Become more productive by automating tasks with scheduling tools
  • Communicate more effectively within a group through intranet and e-mail
  • Produce higher quality results with review and validation tools
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of project management through automated documentation
  • Submit faster electronic FDA submission with automated PDF generation

In a time of changing regulatory requirements, it is necessary to have the right technologies to accomplish effective FDA submissions. Trialex System provides both the technologies and the process to meet these challenges.

For more information, please visit

Trialex System is software solution for: SAS Data Standards, Scheduling of SAS Jobs, SAS Clinical Information Management, SAS Web-based Clinical Information, SAS ESUB FDA Submission, Thin Client Reporting, Web Based Reporting, Reporting Tools, Clinical Trials Reporting, Entreprise Reporting, Tables Listings Graphs, TLG, Report Management, Report Standards, Clinical Data Management.