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Trialex Toolkit

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Trialex Toolkit™ is a set of macros that will optimize your analysis and reporting of clinical data. It allows statistical programmers and biostatisticians to script repetitive tasks. It also sets standards so that your reports and analysis datasets are more consistent and error free. Some of the features include:

  • Automated SAS program batch submission
  • Centralized report titles and footnotes management
  • SAS Log evaluation for debugging
  • Page X of Y for output formats including ASCII, RTF, HTML and PDF
  • RTF HTML and PDF report generator
  • Table contents generator with hyperlinks to all reports and graphs

Ouput sample1 small.jpg

The interface to these tools are SAS macros so they can be easily accessed through a standard SAS program. Users can get up to speed quickly and become more productive in preparation for any analysis and reporting needs, including an electronic submission.

For more information, please visit

Trialex Toolkit is software solution for: SAS Analysis Tools, SAS Reporting Tools, SAS Batch Submit, SAS Report Standards, SAS Log Evaluation, SAS Page X of Y Tool, Table of Contents SAS Output, SAS Output TOC.