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A Guide for Connecting Java to SAS® Data Sets

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This presentation was written for Java programmers who want to access SAS data sets. We touch on the methods, advantages and disadvantages of three SAS technologies:

  • the Base SAS® Java Object interface (Javaobj)
  • SAS/ACCESS® to a third-party database

The paper, presentation and Google site all contain easy examples to connect Java to SAS. (My personal favorite sample data set, sashelp.class is used often.)

This paper is closely related to Let The Data Paint The Picture written by Patrick Hall. His paper discusses Processing a Java graphics and data visualization library.

Online Materials

The SAS Global Forum paper

A Google site with sample projects and additional tutorials for both papers.

(The PowerPoint for this presentation is available at the Google site, under 008-2012.pptx.)

Contact Info

Contact Ryan Snyder via LinkedIn.