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Anatomy of SAS Macros

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Anatomy of SAS Macros.jpg

by Sunil Gupta

New SAS e-Guide

Anatomy of SAS Macros

(Line-by-Line SAS Examples by Tasks)

(Useful to prepare for the SAS Advanced Certification Exam)

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When programming SAS macros, can you identify: (See the promotional flyer for answers)
- at least six ways to create macro variables?
- at least five ways to reference macro variables?
- at least two advantages of using keyword instead of positional parameters?
- at least three differences between macro variables and data step variables?

Ready to revolutionize your approach to SAS Macro programming with the single most concise and productivity e-Guide available?

- "The Anatomy of SAS Macros gives a condensed version of the most important principles and concepts of macro coding, and provides examples to illustrate the concepts. A line by line explanation is provided. Novices will get a good overview of the typical macro coding tasks, and more experienced programmers will pick up some new options and see how it all fits together. An excellent reference guide for all."
Chris Weiner, Simulstat, Inc

- "Anatomy of SAS Macros combines lot of useful material that is fast, lucid at the same time easy to follow. I highly recommend the e-guide as, the explanation and examples in it will be an excellent resource for both new and experienced programmers."
Mehul Shukla, Amgen Programmer

- "Although I call myself an experienced SAS programmer, some of the features I have never tested or used. Also I liked the reference of SAS papers to be referred at the appropriate sections. For me it is one stop for SAS macros guide, from a beginner to a novice programmer. This e-guide is great stuff and must-have for a SAS programmer."
Rajesh Venkkataram, Quintiles Programmer

Expect new book reviews from:
- Andre Wielki, National Institute for Demographic Studies
- Ted Clay, Clay Software & Statistics
- Michael Vagnier,
- Charles Patridge, SAS Programmer
- Susan Slaughter, SAS Author
- Gabe Cano, Senior Analyst, Altarum Institute

Learn and apply multiple programming options through task-based examples in one centralized location. Table of contents includes automating tasks, creating macro variables and referencing macro variables in various conditions. References are provided for key SAS Macro books, relevant webinars, podcasts as well as key SAS technical papers.

Anatomy of SAS Macros e-Guide Table of Contents

1. Automating Tasks
2. Creating Macro Variables
3. Referencing Macro Variables

Sunil’s top 30 recommended SAS Macros Technical Papers

To better serve my SAS user base and to better manage the list of top SAS papers, I have created a new web site, SAS Savvy.

Search/Cut/Paste SAS code in your SAS program.

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