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Are Your SAS® Programs Running You?

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Most programs are written on a tight schedule, using the most accessible knowledge of the programmer. Often the programmer mistakenly assumes that the program will never be used again; five years later the spaghetti code is still in use. While the tasks are accomplished and the results are accurate, the program may not be as efficient as possible and subsequent submissions may require tedious and time-consuming input and modifications.

This presentation looks at typical SAS Code, and then suggests changes to improve the efficiency and maintenance of the programs. If you are a programmer who has inherited code that was written "many SAS versions ago", you will benefit from examples of "updating your code to the current decade".

This tutorial focuses on maintenance - free, efficient coding techniques so that you can spend your work time being more productive!

Topics include:

  • macro coding techniques
  • efficient programming tips
  • code reduction tricks
  • maintenance-free programming suggestions.

Online Materials

View the pdf for Are Your SAS® Programs Running You?.

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