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Base SAS Plug-ins

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Base SAS is a closed, non-modular system which design does not allow extension by third party components. It doesn't provide a built-in mechanism for discovering, integrating, and running external software components, also known as plug-ins. This is in contrast to the modern development tools that are built around the principle that it has to be possible to extend their Graphical User Interface with new functionality. Some of the functionality that many SAS users would appreciate in Base SAS are support for project management, integration with various versioning systems, test facilities, performance profiles, log analyzers - just to name a few of them.

But even if the Base SAS do not expose a well-defined interfaces that enables expanding of its Graphical User Interface with functionalities, it is still possible to do it using advanced Win32 and COM techniques.

Want to know how to add your own plug-ins in Base SAS? Just check this link: