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Build your Metadata with PROC CONTENTS and ODS OUTPUT

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Simply using an ODS destination to replay PROC CONTENTS output does not provide the user with attractive, usable metadata. Harness the power of SAS® and ODS output objects to create designer multi-tab metadata workbooks with the click of a mouse!

Word Cloud for the paper

SAS procedures can convey an enormous amount of information – sometimes more information than is needed. By manipulating procedural output and ODS output objects, we can pick and choose just the information we want to see. We can then harness the power of SAS reporting procedures and ODS to present the information we want to display accurately and attractively. We wanted to create a metadata Excel® workbook with an index of all data sets delivered with separate variable level tabs for each data set to accurately describe a monthly data submission to our client. The challenge was how to accomplish this in a single SAS program without post-editing. This paper and presentation will demonstrate how we met our challenge.

Online Materials

Download the paper: File:1549 Hadden FinalPaper.pdf

Download the powerpoint presentation: File:1549 Hadden FinalPresentation.pptx

See related materials including sample programs at

Contact the author, Louise Hadden, for additional code samples.

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