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Building Your First Dashboard Using the SAS® 9 Business Intelligence Platform: A Tutorial

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Title: Building Your First Dashboard Using the SAS® 9 Business Intelligence Platform: A Tutorial


Author: Gregory S. Nelson - ThotWave Technologies, LLC.


A dashboard is a visualization technique that provides an immediate view or snapshot of exactly where you are in a specific process relative to your stated goals and objectives. Visuals indicators, such as temperature gauges, traffic lights and speedometers, help give you a real-world sense of your present progress and assist you in making decisions, adapting to current conditions or drilling into more detailed information. In a previous paper (Wright, 2008), we outlined technologies that can be used to build dashboards and we further that discussion with information that will help you build your first dashboard. We then walk through the process of building your first dashboard step by step by step, beginning with design considerations and SAS options for creating dashboards, then continue with defining some key performance indicators (KPIs), connecting our data, customizing the visual indicators and then learning more about ways to make the dashboard actionable through drill down and click-through. Finally, we will conclude with a discussion of additional customizations that can be performed with the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform.


BI, Business Intelligence, Dashboard, scorecard, KPIs, key performance indicators, SAS Information Delivery Portal, dashboard portlet


IT, technical and business professionals, including team leads

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