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Controlling Colors by Name; Selecting, Ordering, and Using Colors for Your Viewing Pleasure

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Within SAS® literally millions of colors are available for use in our charts, graphs, and reports. We can name these colors using techniques which include color wheels, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) HEX codes, and HLS (Hue, Lightness, Saturation) HEX codes. But sometimes I just want to use a color by name. When I want purple, I want to be able to ask for purple not CX703070 or H03C5066. But am I limiting myself to just one purple? What about light purple or pinkish purple. Do those colors have names or must I use the codes? It turns out that they do have names. Names that we can use. Names that we can select, names that we can order, names that we can use to build our graphs and reports.

This paper will show you how to gather color names and manipulate them so that you can take advantage of your favorite purple; be it 'purple', 'grayish purple', 'vivid purple', or 'pale purplish blue'. Much of the control will be through the use of user defined formats. Learn how to build these formats based on a data set containing a list of these colors.

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