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Data Driven Annotations: An Introduction to SAS/GRAPH’s Annotate Facility

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When SAS/GRAPH was first introduced, it was the 'only game in town' for the generation of business graphics. In the current computing environment we have lots of graphics options, and it is not unusual for programmers new to SAS/GRAPH to ask why they should bother learning the command and syntax structure of SAS/GRAPH, let alone that of the Annotate Facility. The fact of the matter is that SAS/GRAPH is still the 'only game in town' with regards to the generation of data driven graphics.

When you want to create a large number of graphs (or even a single graph on a regular basis) and you do not want to place labels or other graphic enhancements manually, the Annotate Facility allows you to set up a system that places these items on the graph based on the data contained in the graph itself.

In this workshop we will learn how Annotate communicates to the graphics procedures through the annotate data table. We will see how the data itself can be used to place labels, draw lines, and otherwise dress-up a graph.

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