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Do which loop until or while

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Do Which? Loop, Until or While? A Review Of Data Step And Macro Algorithms

Author: Ronald_J._Fehd

This paper reviews the three looping constructs:

  • loop-repeat,
  • do until and
  • do while

and offers examples of their use. The purpose of this paper is to provide both pseudo-code and examples so that programmers may understand the difference in logic and make an appropriate choice for their algorithm.

The two data step loop processing verbs:

  • continue (return to loop-top), and
  • leave (exit)

are illustrated. Macro examples using %goto are shown for continue and leave. The Whitlock subsetting loop --- also known as the Do-Whitlock (DOW) loop --- and double-DOW are illustrated.

Download the zip with 20 programs used in RnD of this paper: [[1]]


This paper has been published several times:

To Do:

  •  %stop; probably %return does this
    • otherwise: %if &Condition. %then %goto Exit;
    •  %Exit:%mend;

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