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Elvis is a SAS log analyser created by Oceanview Consultancy Ltd. Working with large pharmaceutical clinical reporting systems, such as GSK's HARP or Pfizer's CDARS, often involves having to browse large SAS logs, each containing calls to many different macros. Elvis was created to make this process much easier by reading in the stored plain-text log file, displaying it in an easy-to-read colour-coded format, and giving the user immediate access to each macro call, ERROR and WARNING in the log.

Elvis allows any number of text strings to be searched for and highlighted in the log: this is useful when, for example, finding all uses of a particular variable throughout the log.

The "Reports" feature includes the ability to strip all the macro-generated SAS code from the MPRINT lines in the log to derive a runnable SAS program, complete with correct indentation. This can be very useful during debugging, as it allows sections of the program to be rerun and the results checked.


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