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Exporting SAS/GRAPH Output for Inclusion in Web Pages and Other Software Applications

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Warren Repole, SAS Institute


When you execute SAS/GRAPH® code interactively, you typically view the picture on a display monitor through the GRAPH window. From the GRAPH window, you can export an image to a file that can be imported into other software applications or viewed through other interfaces such as a Web browser. However, when you have many images to export, this is not an efficient process. Instead, you can create the image files directly through a SAS/GRAPH program.

This paper covers the basic process for creating image files directly through a SAS/GRAPH program in SAS 9.1.3. Image types addressed in this paper include EMF, CGM, EPS, GIF, PNG, ActiveX, and PostScript. This paper also illustrates how those image files can be inserted into other software applications and Web pages.


Paper in PDF form