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Getting Your SAS Program to do Your Typing for You

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Getting Your SAS® Program to do Your Typing for You!
Author: Nancy K. Wilson, Ally Financial
April 2015


Do you have a SAS® program that requires adding file names to the input every time you run it? Aren't you tired of having to check for the files, check the names and type them in? Check out how this SAS® Enterprise Guide Project checks for files, figures out the file names and eliminates the need for having to type in the file names for the input data files!


SAS® data set names within a folder location can easily be displayed using SAS® ‘LIBNAME’ statement and a PROC CONTENTS. What if the data files you need are not SAS® data sets? This paper will use the ‘X’ Command to demonstrate how your PC SAS® or UNIX SAS® program can read a variable number of file names in a folder and use those names as input for your SAS process.