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I’ve Got to Hand It to You; Portable Programming Techniques

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As technology expands, we have the need to create programs that can be handed off – to clients, to regulatory agencies, to parent companies, or to other projects, and handed off with little or no modification by the recipient. Minimizing modification by the recipient often requires the program itself to self-modify. To some extent the program must be aware of its own operating environment and what it needs to do to adapt to it.

There are a great many tools available to the SAS® programmer, which will allow the program to self-adjust to its own surroundings. These include location-detection routines, batch files based on folder contents, the ability to detect the version and location of SAS, programs that discern and adjust to the current operating system and the corresponding folder structure, the use of automatic and user defined environmental variables, and macro functions that use and modify system information.

Need to create a portable program? We can hand you the tools.

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