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I.T. Training Services Limited

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Contact Information

Director: Peter Bennett 
Phone:    +44 (0)1249 476121
Mobile:   +44 (0)7847 009276


Training Services

I.T. Training Services Limited is an independent company providing the following services

SAS Training
  - Base SAS (DATA & PROC steps, macro, SQL, efficiency techniques, etc.)
  - SAS/Graph
  - Enterprise Guide
Microsoft Office products
  - Excel
  - Word
  - PowerPoint

Training is delivered at the customer's site in the form of standard and customised courses. 

Customers can request an optional workshop using their own data to reinfornce the lessons learned.
Workshops will normally follow immmediately after the course.

While we are based in the UK, training can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Past Experience

Peter Bennett has over 20 years experience in using the SAS System including 17 years at SAS Institute in the UK and for the SAS International Headquarters. During this time his speciality was Customer Education, both in delivering training and coordinating course development with SAS World Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Other activities included

  • Defining a classroom configuration strategy for local SAS offices (Europe and Asia Pacific) using VMWare and blade servers.
  • Developing and recommending role-based training paths to assist local SAS offices.
  • Curriculum Management for foundation, Business Intelligence and Data Integration training.
  • Developing e-learning courses.
  • Maintenance of internal web pages.

Peter has also been a regular attendee at the following SAS user groups in Europe and the USA.

  • SUGI (SAS Users Group International) now known as SAS Global Forum where he has regularly been an invited speaker.
  • SeUGI / SAS Forum International where he has delivered pre-conference training.
  • SASTek - where he has run workshops for partner consultants.

Peter now brings his knowledge and experience to I.T. Training Services Limited to offer a range of high quality training to our customers.

SAS Institute Software Expertise

    BASE/SAS – DATA Step, PROC SQL, ODS, Macro Language, etc.
    SAS/Enterprise Guide