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JMP/DOE design of experiments

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The “design of experiments” concept is not new — but there is a resurgence of realizing the importance of the science of experimental design.

A good start for you is the Peter Goos and Bradley Jones textbook, “Optimal Design of Experiments: A Cast Study Approach”. Peter is a leader in SAS/JMP/DOE in Antwerp and Rotterdam (universities) and Bradley Jones leads the DOE team within the JMP department of SAS Institute. Theirs is the only experimental design book carried by SAS Press.

You can also learn more at and
There will be information at the annual JMP Discovery Summits and other papers.

To further give you an idea of the science, here are the chapter headings from Goos and Jones:
1. A simple comparative experiment
2. An optimal screening experiment
3. Adding runs to a screening experiment
4. A response surface design with a categorical factor
5. A response surface design in an irregularly shaped design region
6. A “mixture” experiment with process variables
7. A response surface design in blocks
8. A screening experiment in blocks
9. Experimental design in the presence of covariates
10. A split-plot design
11. A two-way split-plot design
Of course, the best reading is in the details, explained in the style of Plato mixed with a fun-to-read screen play.