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Knit Perl and SAS Software for DIY Web Applications

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If your organisation develops a web-based SAS® application for 30+ users, then the logical choice is to use SAS/IntrNetTM software for speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness. However, your whole organisation may have fewer than 30 employees, so is there a cost-effective alternative to SAS/IntrNet software which still allows access to SAS-based data?

The answer is yes, and there are a number of possible solutions. For example, by combining a client licence for Base SAS software, a web server application, a simple application dispatcher written in Perl, and a knowledge of HTML, it is possible to write SAS code and HTML to provide drill-down reports on SAS-based data to users with access only to a web browser.

This paper demonstrates some of the techniques available to SAS programmers to generate drill-down applications for web browsers.

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You can also visit my own web site to download the latest versions of the paper, presentation and sample code from here.


This paper was included in my book Power User's Guide to SAS Programming published by in 2008.

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