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Living with SAS Vodcast

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The Living with SAS Vodcast series is a collection of 6 videos on the various aspects of Base SAS which any SAS programmers can use to enhance their working environment with useful tips and tricks as well as interesting thing that one can do with SAS.

The 6 videos are:

  1. Christmas Carol in SAS
  2. Movies in SAS
  3. SAS Calendar
  4. Gaming with SAS
  5. Email with SAS
  6. Personal Finance with SAS

Christmas Carol in SAS
 Christmas Carols in sas is a simple vodcast that complies many of 
the music created by many SAS users on SAS-L, and
various website and combining them into a single video celebrating the
versatility of SAS in music generation. This video was originally
broadcast to the SAS users of Singapore for the 2010 Christmas
and has been released here on the public domain for viewing.
It is the creator's hope that more people can use the call sound
function to generate music for fellow SAS users.
Movies in SAS
 Movies in sas is a simple vodcast that seeks to introduce 
SAS users to the many functions of SAS and how SAS can
be used to provide entertainment to users who can
exploit some the functionalities. In this video,
a simple demonstration is done to show how SAS can be used
to play AVI movies.
SAS Calendar
 Getting a calendar on your table top has never been 
easier than with SAS. With the powerful PROC CALENDAR,
one can create his or her own personal calendar with
anniversaries and holidays.
Gaming with SAS
 What could be more entertainment then playing a game of 
blackjack or slots while working on your SAS codes? In this
video, we will show you as a SAS user how to maximize your
leisure activities while using SAS on the move. It is really
interesting to note that SAS has a lot more to offer than
just another software.
Email with SAS
Sometimes, SAS programmers have no time to open their outlook 
to send emails out. This can be solved easily with the use
of the inbuilt SAS emailer. This video seeks to demonstrate
the simplicity of the Base SAS email client.

Understanding Personal Finance with SAS
Personal Finance is one critical area that SAS programmers should 
never neglect. Given the power of investment analysis in SAS, one can be assured that he will be able to analyze all his financial
instruments such as loans, savings and bonds are in good shape.