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Macro DirListWin

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Q: How can I create a data set with information about Windows folders?

A: Use the Directory-List-Windows macro.

( PATH      /* Windows path of directory to examine               */
, MAXDATE=  /* [optional] maximum date/time of file to report     */
, MINDATE=  /* [optional] minimum date/time of file to report     */
, MAXSIZE=  /* [optional] maximum size of file to report (bytes)  */
, MINSIZE=  /* [optional] minimum size of file to report (bytes)  */
, OUT=      /* [optional] name of output file containing results
                of %DIRLISTWIN */
, REPORT=Y  /* [optional] flag controlling report creation        */
, REPORT1=N /* [optional] flag controlling 1-line report creation */
, SUBDIR=Y  /* [optional] include subdirectories
               in directory processing        */
PURPOSE: create listing of files in specified directory to make evident
NOTE:    %DIRLISTWIN is designed to be run on SAS installations
         using the Windows O/S

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--macro maven == the radical programmer 17:05, 29 January 2010 (UTC)