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Macro Quoting to the Rescue: Passing Special Characters

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Mary Rosenbloom Edwards Life Sciences
Art Carpenter California Occidental Consultants

This paper was awarded Best Contributed Paper in the Applications Development Section at the 2013 SAS Global Forum Conference.


We know that we should always try to avoid storing special characters in macro variables. We know that there are just too many ways that special characters can cause problems when the macro variable is resolved. Sometimes, however, we just do not have a choice. Sometimes the characters must be stored in t he macro variable whether we like it or not. And when they appear we need to know how to deal with them. We need to know which macro quoting functions will solve the problem, and even more importantly why we need to use them. This paper takes a quick look at the problems associated with the resolution and use of macro variables that contain special characters such as commas, quotes, ampersands, and parentheses.

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View the pdf for Macro Quoting to the Rescue: Passing Special Characters.

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