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Starting with SAS®9.2, a new reserved macro variable named _METAFOLDER is available. The value of the variable is the SAS metadata path for the currently running stored process. This allows a program to reference another stored process in the same folder without having to hard-code the entire path, or parse the path value from the _PROGRAM macro variable.

In version 9.1.3, you can use the storedProcessPath macro (see the read more link below) get the path value of the currently executing stored process, and more.

Submitted By Don Henderson

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What's New

SAS® Developer Experience Community Linkup

March 23, 2017

Developers Community Linkup Announced

Monday, April 3 | 6:30 - 8 p.m. | Dolphin – Lobby Level 3, Asia 2

Are you a coder or software engineer? Do you use Python or Java to build applications? Is REST how you include analytics in your development? Are you familiar with – and do you get excited about – APIs? If so, you are invited to a SAS Global Forum developer experience meetup.

This is not a sales event. SAS is hosting a roundtable discussion to learn what software developers want when building analytics applications using SAS. The discussion will begin with SAS sharing what is in place today, and what is planned. It will include audience participation to learn what motivates a software developer to consider SAS and what APIs would be most helpful. Feedback from this session will help drive SAS’ next iteration of product development and market positioning.

Reserve your seat at this roundtable discussion.

Fall Regional Conferences Announced

March 16, 2017

Fall Regional Conferences Announced

Fall regional conferences for 2017.
Mark your calendars so you don’t miss them.

Western Users of SAS® Software (WUSS) Educational Forum and Conference
Long Beach, CA | Sept. 20-22

MidWest SAS Users Group (MWSUG) Conference
St. Louis, MO | Oct. 8-10

South Central SAS Users Group (SCSUG) Educational Forum
Dallas, TX | Oct. 15-17

Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Conference
Cary, NC | Nov. 5-7

We are also excited to announce the new Users Groups Community. Make sure to bookmark this community.

SAS Global Forum Time is Running Out

March 15, 2017

SAS Global Forum 2017 Time is running out.

Time is running out!
If you are looking to hone your SAS® skills, enhance your resume and network with thousands of SAS enthusiasts from around the world – there is no better venue than SAS Global Forum 2017. And this year, we're in Orlando. So head to the Sunshine State, and take advantage of all this year's conference has to offer.

Get the tools and training you need
The conference boasts hundreds of sessions and training opportunities. Our exciting content is brimming with an array of workshops, demos, training courses and sessions for everyone – from new SAS users to seasoned practitioners. Plus, you'll get to network and mingle with SAS professionals from around the globe.

Thrilling keynote speakers
Our keynote speaker lineup is sure to amaze! It includes an astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield; an innovator and the world's only cyborg, Neil Harbisson; and Executive VP of the Orlando Magic, Anthony Perez. It's truly a speaker lineup not to be missed!

But that's not all ...
We have an incredible evening of entertainment designed with you in mind. At the Kick Back Party be transported back in time to the 1930s, on Disney's Hollywood Studios® Sunset Boulevard at our very own party destination. Enjoy a DJ, photo opportunities with your favorite Disney characters – and rides and attractions opened just for us.

But hurry! Time is running out.

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Apr 17, 2014
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