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Some security-focussed administrators at client sites even restrict access to C:\temp. However they still support and provide full create and update rights at the windows environment variable %temp% which SAS refers to as !temp. rather than c:\temp, use !temp, for example as shown at right

filename sparetxt '!temp\sparetxt.txt' ;

On my VISTA platform, this converts to

C:\Users\Peter Crawford\AppData\Local\Temp

When I really need to know the path that !temp refers to

%let tempPath = %sysget(temp) ;

Environment variable names are not case-sensitive on windows (unlike unix). Learn about assigning SAS Libraries Using Environment Variables at the SEE ALSO link.

Submitted By peterC

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Who is Contributing to sasCommunity

Apr 17, 2014
Check out the User Contribution Scores page to see who is contributing content or editing content on sasCommunity. The top 25 contributors for:

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Presenters: Create Your Papers and Presentations Index Page

Feb 28, 2014                                       Click Expand to View Full Article is happy to announce a new feature/service for presenters and audience members. You can continue the discussion online after the presentation. By creating articles for your presentations, you can easily:

Let's continue the discussion
  • upload or create links to your paper
  • share your code
  • share your sample data
  • share your PowerPoint presentation
  • provide presentation updates
  • create a space to continue the discussion of the topic of your presentation
  • stay in contact with colleagues, even if your name or email address change
  • get more exposure with category tags
  • and more.

These new features make it even easier for you to share your presentation materials. We have added facilities to allow you to create articles about your papers for this and previous conferences. Now there is an easy way for you to have a single Presenters page that serves as an index for all of your presentations at SAS Global Forum, Regionals, Local User Groups, and more.


We at are here to help you publicize your presenter pages. For SGF 2014 presenters creating a presentation page by Monday, March 17th, we will provide:

  • a set of stickers containing your presentation page address and QR code for you to pass out at the conference
  • a display in the demo room publicizing the site and including a handout with links to presenter pages
  • PowerPoint slide template that you can use in your presentation to publicize your presenter page

We look forward to your page creations. Let’s continue the discussion on! Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can do to help you.


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