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Making ODS Output Objects Work for You

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This page is to hold the contents of a presentation and poster titled "With a Trace: Making Procedural Output and ODS Output Objects Work For You", available in NESUG 2012, SGF 2013 (and soon) NESUG 2013 proceedings.


The Output Delivery System (ODS) delivers what used to be printed output in many convenient forms. What most of us don't realize is that "printed output" from procedures (whether the destination is PDF, RTF, or HTML) is the result of SAS® packaging a collection of items that come out of a procedure that most people want to see in a predefined order (aka template.) With tools such as ODS TRACE, PROC CONTENTS and PROC PRINT, this paper explores the many buried treasures of procedural output and ODS output objects and demonstrates how to use these objects to get exactly the information that is needed, in exactly the format wanted.

Online Materials

The paper: Media:210-2013.pdf

The powerpoint: Media:210-2013.ppt

The sample programs:

The proceedings poster: Media: 210P-2013.pdf

The printed poster - large panel: Media:210_2013_bigpanel.pdf

The printed poster - small panel: Media:210_2013_sidepanel.pdf

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