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Output Delivery System: The Basics, by Lauren Haworth

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SAS Publication # 58176
ISBN is 978-1-58025-859-3
Approx. Cost: $41.95
320 pages

An example-driven book geared to beginner and intermediate ODS users that will show you the many wonders of ODS. Beginning with basic syntax and progressing to more complex techniques and custom styles, you will learn to take basic SAS output and transform it into

  • a beautiful integrated web page
  • a word-processor-friendly RTF file
  • high-resolution printed output
  • a bookmarked PDF file

You can also create a data set from the results of most procedures, allowing you to build your own custom reports. Each of the wide array of ODS techniques is presented in an easy-to-use, two-page layout with the text and code on one page and the resulting output on the facing page.