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Planning for and Designing a Data Warehouse: A Hands on Workshop

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Planning for and Designing a Data Warehouse: A Hands on Workshop Download Paper,


Gregory S. Nelson - ThotWave Technologies, LLC.


In a previous hands-on workshop (Nelson, 2006), we demonstrated how to use Data Integration Studio to load a sample star-schema. We focused on the usage of the tool itself; however, today we will take a step back and better understand the DI Studio process by outlining a methodology for designing and implementing the ETL load, or the process of moving data from a source system (such as operational systems or a table in a database) into a target (usually a structure that supports analytics and reporting). This workshop guides the participant through the methodology used to design the target database structure and transformations, create a mapping worksheet used to implement the ETL code, load the metadata, and create the process flows in DI Studio. This paper connects the dots for those interested in getting started with DI Studio not only as a tool, but how practitioners think about the DI Studio process. Attendees should have a basic understanding of how SAS works; however, no prior experience or attendance at the previous workshop is required.


SAS Programmers, Managers


ETL Studio, Data Integration Studio, BASE SAS, SQL, data warehousing, slowing changing dimensions, change data capture, transformations, ETL.

Location Delivered

Orlando, FL - SAS Global Forum 2007


SAS Data Integration Studio, Base SAS

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