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Presentations:Alicemcheng Papers and Presentations

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Papers and presentations by Alice Cheng
Contact Alice at her discussion page.

  1. Hunting for Columbus Eggs in the SAS Programming World: A Guidance to Creative Thinking for SAS Programmers
    Categories: Alicemcheng Papers and Presentations, Macro Language, Presentations, Program Development, SAS/GRAPH, SQL Procedure, WUSS 2011
    A Columbus’ Egg, according to Wikipedia, refers to a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact. In this paper, the author presents several Columbus’ Eggs that may be helpful to fellow SAS® programmers. SAS examples are given, followed by learning tips to reminder ..→
  2. Is the Legend in your SAS/Graph Output Still Telling the Right Story
    Categories: Alicemcheng Papers and Presentations, Presentations, SAS/GRAPH, SAS Global Forum 2013, SGPANEL Procedure, SGPLOT Procedure
    In clinical studies, researchers are often interested in the effect of treatment over time for multiple treatments or dosing groups. Usually, in a graphical report, the measurement of treatment effect is on the vertical axis and a second factor, such as time or visit, on the ..→
  3. Robust Programming Techniques in the SAS System
    Categories: Alicemcheng Papers and Presentations, NESUG 1999, Presentations, Program Development, Programming
    Have you ever had a program that runs on some occasions and fails on others? Has a change in input data values affected the error-free execution of the program, or worse, produced incorrect results? Chances are that the program concerned is not robust enough. In this paper, the author provides ..→