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Presentations:Tebillings Papers and Presentations

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Papers, presentations, and supplementary materials for SAS-related research by Thomas E. Billings are listed below. They are in approximate order by date, with most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom.

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24. 2017: Keeping Passwords, AES Encryption Keys, and Other Sensitive Parameters Out of Source Code and Logs URL:

23. 2017: Secure Macro-Based Method to Assign LIBNAMEs for Databases Updated URL: URL:

22. 2017: Methods to Identify and Validate SAS®-Proprietary and AES Encrypted SAS® Data Sets

21. 2017: An Easy Way to Split a SAS® Data Set into Unique and Non-Unique Row Subsets

20. 2017: User-Written vs. System-Generated SAS® Source Code; Is System-Generated Code a Boon or Bane to Programmers?

19. 2016 & 2017: The SAS® Ecosystem – A Programmer’s Perspective (poster)

18. 2016: Distance Correlation for Vectors: A SAS® Macro

17. 2015: Enhancing the Reusability and Portability of SAS® Enterprise Guide® Projects

16. 2015: Tips for Managing SAS® WORK Libraries; joint with Avinash Kalwani (paper)

15. 2015: Strategies for Error Handling and Program Control: Concepts (poster & paper; link to paper)

14. 2014: Suggestions for Writing Better SAS® User Group Papers

13. 2014: Differences in Functionality of Error Handling Features, SAS® Enterprise Guide® vs. Batch

12. 2014: Reanalysis of Ecological Data from the 1989 China Study Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®

11. 2013: Constructing Begin-End Date Intervals from Event or As-of Dates in a SAS® DATA Step

10. 2013: Sharing SAS® User-Related Information via Creative Commons Copyright Licenses

9. 2013: An Overview of Syntax Check Mode and Why it is Important.

8. 2013: Converting Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Source Tables into Useful Data with SAS® DATA Steps; joint with Baskar Anjappan, Junling Ji.

7. 2012 & 2013: Update, Insert, and Carry-Forward Operations in Database Tables using SAS® Enterprise Guide®; joint with Sreenivas Mullagiri.

6. 2012: IFC and IFN Functions: Alternatives to Simple DATA Step IF-THEN-ELSE, SELECT-END Code and PROC SQL CASE Statements.

5. 2012 & 2013: Bridging the Gap Between SAS® Applications Developed by Business Units and Conventional IT Production; joint with Euwell Bankston.

4. 2011: Output SAS® DATA Step Views: an Experimental Feature

3. 2009: Pointer/Indirect LIBNAMEs: a Platform-independent Method to Manage Access to & Contention for SAS Format Catalogs

2. 2008: Processing multiple formats with input and output control data sets in PROC FORMAT

1. 2007: Enhance Your Programming with SAS® DATA Step Views

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