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Programming the Provider Previews: Extreme SAS(R) Reporting

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Programming the Provider Previews: Extreme SAS(R) Reporting

Louise Hadden

Abt Associates Inc.


Each month, we produce over 15,000 data-driven, 3 page reports for nursing homes previewing their 5-star ratings on various measures. These reports are produced entirely in SAS, including a macro toggle for test or production mode and zipping all 15,000 PDF reports into a single multi-gigabyte zip file. The elements of the program include macro language, data step programming, and PROC REPORT, utilizing ODS PDF. Each PDF is named so that it will seamlessly upload into specific electronic mailboxes for each nursing home facility. This paper will detail the production process, and now that ODS LAYOUT is production in SAS 9.2 M3, explore the possibility of using ODS LAYOUT to facilitate the process.

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