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Protecting Macros and Macro Variables: It Is All About Control

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In a regulated environment it is crucially important that we are able to control, which version of a macro, and which version of a macro variable, is being used at any given time. As crucial as this is, in the SAS® macro language this is not something that is easily accomplished. We can write an application that calls a macro that we have validated, but the user of the application can write and force the use their user written un-validated version of that same macro. Values of macro variables that we have populated can be ‘accidentally’ replaced by user written assignments. How can you guarantee that the end results are accurate if you cannot guarantee that the proper programs have been executed?

Although our tools are limited, there are a few options available that can be used to help us control our macro execution environment. These, along with management programs, can give the application developer better control, and greater protection, during the execution of the application.

For a successful macro language application, it is all about CONTROL!!

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