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Revenge of the Semi-Colon People

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Title: Revenge of the Semi-Colon People


Author: Gregory S. Nelson - ThotWave Technologies, LLC. and Neil Howard - Amgen, Inc.


Wednesday Lunch and Feature Presentation* Revenge of the Semi-Colon People: Business Analytics at Work Greg Nelson & Neil Howard

In this informative and fun-filled action-adventure, Greg Nelson and Neil Howard will take us on a journey to tell the story of the semi-colon people -- SAS Users -- by looking at SAS Global Forum data throughout the years, including attendance patterns, survey opinions, observations from volunteers and nearly 10,000 papers and presentations representing topics ranging from BASE SAS to Sudoku.

The story will be told using SAS, from programs written by SAS users across the globe, a vibrant, evolving community that stretches geographically as well as vertically through nearly every industry. From descriptive statistics to text mining to social analytics, we've explored the reaches of the SAS Global Forum and its user community to make it better using the software that brought us together in the first place.


SAS, semi-colon, presentation, keynote, presentation


IT, technical and business professionals, including team leads


Online Materials

View the paper and presentation on YouTube: Revenge of the Semi-Colon People

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