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Romancing Your Data: The Getting-To-Know-You Phase

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The ability to gather and store large amounts of data has become commonplace. As these capabilities have grown, so has database complexity. The deluge of corporate acquisitions further complicates things, driving more undocumented data sources into the hands of new database users, often without the institutional knowledge to go with them. Thus, analysts must develop the ability to discover the complexity of a database on their own.

This paper focuses on Oracle® databases and use of SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ORACLE to explore the Oracle Data Dictionary Views that contain the database metadata. We focus on metadata summaries of interest to a user new to the database. The metadata is presented through a series of programs that use Base SAS®, specifically the SQL Procedure, macro language, and the Output Delivery System (ODS).

The target audience for this paper includes anyone who uses Oracle databases to solve business problems. Some basic understanding of Base SAS PROC SQL, macro language, and the SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE product is helpful, but not required.

Online Materials

View the pdf for the paper SAS Global Forum 2011, Paper 133

Code contained in Paper 133. Download the file and unzip it.

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