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SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2: Getting to Know You

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Andy Ravenna, SAS Institute Inc.


The latest release of Enterprise Guide provides perhaps the quickest and slickest point-and-click version yet to access and analyze your data. However, both longtime users of SAS as well as new users to SAS often don’t know where to begin with Enterprise Guide. Longtime users are accustomed to typing all of their code into the Program Editor window and hitting the Submit key. New users are puzzled about where to get started and how to ‘make something happen’ such as creating a report.

This beginning tutorial introduces Enterprise Guide version 4.2 to both old and new users of SAS. It focuses on the key points of a typical Enterprise Guide session: creating a project, accessing your data, building a query, and producing a report. It also answers several common questions that typically come up for first-time and more experienced users, such as ‘Why can’t I sort my data?’ and ‘How can I change the task code?’ Attendees receive enough information about this version such that they can return to the office with confidence and get started with Enterprise Guide.


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