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SAS/GRAPH Elements You Should Know –Even If You Don’t Use SAS/GRAPH

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We no longer live or work in a line printer - green bar paper environment. Indeed many of today’s programmers do not even know what a line printer is or what green bar paper looks like. Our work environment expects reports which utilize various fonts, with control over point size and color, and the inclusion of graphic elements. In general we are expected to produce output that not only conveys the necessary information, but also looks attractive. In the line printer days little could be done with the style and appearance of reports, and consequently little was expected. Now a great deal of control is possible, and we are expected to take advantage of the tools available to us. We can no longer sit back and present a plain vanilla report.

The Output Delivery System, ODS, gives us a great deal of the kind of control that we must have in order to produce the kinds of reports and tables that are expected of us. Although we will often include graphical elements in our tables, it turns out that a number of options, statements, and techniques that are associated with SAS/GRAPH can be utilized to our benefit even when we are NOT creating graphs. Learn how to take advantage of these graphical elements, even when you are not using SAS/GRAPH.

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