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SAS Access to Teradata SQL

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The SAS/ACCESS to Teradata engine is very powerful but there seems to be limited documentation. We have had significant success pushing processing to our Teradata server. Our focus has been on pushing large selection queries execution to Teradata. In the effort we have discovered several nuances to improve this.

Begin with this

Add these options to your SAS code. It will print to the log SAS's execution plan.

option sastrace=',,,d'
sastraceloc=saslog no$stsuffix;

Then you will find some needed tweaks from SAS to Teradata SQL.

- datepart is not needed for a date time field
- field = '' will not work, switch to field is null instead
- depending on your version of Teradata, if filter a list like this: field not in ('a','b','c') Teradata will not include nulls
- Teradata doesn't like double quotes around strings. always use single quotes.