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SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1984

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Copyright Information

A. D. Forbes

Alan J. Knight, Richard Alexander

Carlo Grandi

Simon Holmgaard

Martin Harnqvist

Carl Wells

Peter Arklint

Mogens Weinreich

Dick te Winkel, Erik Tilanus

Phil Winters, Steve Morton

Gerard Hatabian

B. Gerardin, J. L. Molliere

Alan Russell

Gerhard Held

D. Randazzo

Gordon Walker

M. Strauch, N. Gretz

E. Placa, G. Stein, P. Smith

Bernard S. Wuillaume

P. Winters, Steve Morton

M. Hucher

M. Lange

Bernard Piot, J. M. Bouroche, Stephane Corre

James Goodnight

Aale Roos

Manuel Angel Santos, Teofilo Valdes

Bill Manos

Gerhard Held

Alan Rawlings

Lionel P. Lecoq

Alan Rawlings

Stephen D. Smith

Daniel Delorge

Peter Herbertz