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SAS Programmer - Columbia Maryland, USA

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COMPANY:Actuarial Research Corporation



LOCATION:Columbia, Maryland USA

DESCRIPTION: Actuarial Research Corporation is a small, well-established, privately held consulting firm that performs a blend of innovative actuarial and health care economic analysis. The company is involved in the review and analysis of health care policy and reform initiatives, managed care, and long term care. Our principal clients are federal government agencies, but we also serve a variety of private-sector and international organizations. As our name suggests, ARC staff possess considerable expertise in actuarial science, especially as it relates to public programs; however, we also have a large portfolio of business related to health policy analysis more generally, and staff with experience and expertise in these areas.

We are seeking SAS programmers to work on projects related to U.S. health care financing and related topics. Preference will be given to candidates with work experience, but ARC also has a tradition of hiring new graduates. Most of the work will be conducted from our Columbia Maryland office; most travel is local in nature. Our model is to form small, ad-hoc teams to work on specific projects; team composition and roles can fluctuate with overall company workloads.

ARC offers competitive salaries and benefits, as well as the amenities and benefits of a small, informal workplace.



  • Demonstrated experience or training in the use of SAS computer software
  • Working knowledge of methods to analyze quantitative data
  • Ability to document methods and findings for the purpose of explanation and archiving
  • Ability to organize personal work processes and products
  • Ability to work as part of a project team

RESPONSIBILITIES: Typically, under the supervision of a senior analyst, the incumbent will serve as a member of teams using claims or survey data in support of Medicare and Medicaid demonstrations, innovations, or other projects. These teams are assembled ad hoc to address project needs, and membership can fluctuate with overall company workloads.

The incumbent will work with analysts on the team to develop and clarify specifications, and then use these specifications to create, adapt, revise, and run computer programs to extract information from large administrative datasets. As part of ARC’s quality control model, programmers often work in parallel, comparing outputs as a way to ensure accuracy and consistency. Supervision and exercise of independent judgment will be commensurate with the incumbent’s experience.

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