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SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques

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SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques by Philip R Holland


SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques: A Power User’s Guide brings together a wealth of ideas about strategic and tactical solutions to everyday situations experienced when transferring, extracting, processing, analyzing, and reporting data. Most of the solutions can be achieved using the SAS components you already license, eliminating the need to throw money at the problems.

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You'll learn about the following:

  • How to write more efficient SAS code—either code that runs quicker, code that is easier to maintain, or both
  • How to do more with the SAS components you already license
  • How to take advantage of the newest features in SAS
  • How to interface external applications with SAS software
  • How to create graphs using SAS ODS Graphics

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This book includes updated versions of the following conference papers:

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