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SAS with Oracle: Writing Efficient and Accurate SQL

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by Tasha Chapman and Lori Carleton

This paper discusses how to write efficient and accurate SQL that will properly communicate with non-SAS database management systems (DBMS) such as Oracle.

When using SAS to extract data from a live Oracle database, it is important to write accurate and efficient code that will not hamper the performance of other users. The best way to do this is to have Oracle perform the initial data query before bringing the selected records to SAS. To accomplish this, the SAS user must write SQL code that Oracle will understand and compute properly. SAS has included enhancements in Version 9.2, such as the so-called "Un-Put Technologies" that make this easier. This paper will teach SAS users, including those without access to Version 9.2, how to use PROC SQL efficiently and effectively with Oracle and other non-SAS databases.

This paper was presented at the Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group (PNWSUG) 2009 Conference in Portland, Oregon.