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Standard Graph Templates

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Outsourced tables and listings can be fairly easily defined using table shells to explain how clinical trials data should be tabulated, and ODS templates supplied to control the basic appearance of the output. Outsourced graphs, particularly if they have been heavily customised, are not so easy to define on paper, and even more difficult to control, as the SAS/GRAPH software can behave very differently on different platforms and devices. Fortunately the use of graph templates will become available when production ODS Statistical Graphics and Graphics Template Language (GTL) is introduced in SAS 9.2, but it is still possible to create useful graph templates now in SAS 9.1 using the experimental ODS Statistical Graphics.

Online Materials

View the pdf for Standard Graph Templates.

You can also visit my own web site to download the latest versions of the paper, presentation and sample code from here.


This paper was included in my book Power User's Guide to SAS Graph Templates published by in 2013.

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