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The Axis Statement: Your Ally for Controlling Graphic Text

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One of the strengths of SAS/GRAPH that you can easily take advantage of is the control that is available for the presentation of lettering and symbols in the titles and labels associated with a plot's axis. The AXIS statement is especially useful when precise control is needed. The AXIS statement need not be hard to use. However because many of the options are structured differently than in other statements, some users do find it difficult to get the AXIS statement to do what they want.

This paper will provide an introduction to the AXIS statement, its more common options, and some examples of how they can be used. Options and features are available that can turn an ordinary axis into one that becomes an integral part of the graphic.

Text options include:

  • text can be enhanced by changing the fonts, color, and size.
  • text can be rotated and moved to various positions on the graphic.

The AXIS statement can also be used to control the appearance of the axes of a chart or plot. Options include the ability to:

  • control axis scaling.
  • place special values on the major tick marks.
  • specify the number and placement of major and minor tick marks.

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