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Partner Profile

Company: ThotWave Technologies, LLC.

Doing Business as:(ThotWave)

Description of Services:

    ThotWave Technologies is a software consultancy that specializes in the design,
    development and implementation of data warehousing, reporting, and analytic
    applications. We specialize in large, complex applications and offer
    architectural services to clients. Whether you need assistance in the design
    phases of applications and data warehouse environments, or a mature toolkit to
    deliver web-based reporting applications more quickly, with higher quality and a
    less cost, ThotWave delivers.


Company: ThotWave Technologies, LLC.

Address: 510 Meadowmont Village, #192

City: Chapel Hill

State: North Carolina

Postal Code: 27517

Country: United States

Nearest City: Raleigh

Local Phone Number: +1 (800) 584-2819 Fax Number: +1 (800) 584-2819

Send an E-mail to ThotWave Technologies, LLC.

Company Web site:

Number of SAS Certified Professionals: 4

Number of SAS Awards Held: 5

SAS Competencies:

    Data Integration
    Business Intelligence
    Business Analytics 

Business Focus:

Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Custom Development Solutions, Data Management Solutions, BI Solutions, Real Time/ Event Management Solutions

Services Provided:

Business driver based BI readiness/competency assessments and consulting. Business/department/enterprise specific: data management, business intelligence and analytics applications. Implement SAS Software, Sell Software Licenses (SAS Reseller)

Industry Focus:

HealthCare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Energy/ Utilities, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services - IT Services

Packaged Software Application: thinking data Event System (r)


Many organizations use SAS analytics for modeling, simulation, statistics, and business intelligence. Compared to providing these capabilities on an ad hoc basis to individual analysts, there is a different set of challenges to delivering these results on a routine basis throughout an enterprise - a production system. ThotWave's event management solutions are designed to support production analytics via the capture and disposition of both technical and business events. Technical events are the errors, warnings, and tracing information that allow support staff to keep production systems running smoothly. The SAS System detects many technical events and records them in log files. However, without an archive strategy for these log files and constant attention to their content, problems may well go unnoticed until the user community starts to have difficulties. ThotWave's Event System captures these conditions as they occur, records them, and provides proactive notifications on a subscription basis. In addition, ThotWave provides a powerful assertion-based API for defining custom events that have more context than standard error messages. Business events are meaningful conditions in a stream of operational data. SAS has tremendous capability for reaching data wherever it resides and applying analytical techniques to recognize events in need of action. When combined with the ThotWave's thinking data® Event System, it's possible to manage these events, creating powerful Business Activity Monitoring solutions. Often there is no clear distinction between technical and business events. Inconsistencies in data prepped for loading a data warehouse will require both technical and business users to correct the problem. The thinking data® Event System provides an integrated architecture for handling both perspectives. For more information, please visit us at:

Packaged Software Application: FUTS - Framework for Unit Testing SAS


FUTS is a Framework for Unit Testing SAS® programs. Inspired by testing frameworks such as JUnit and NUnit, FUTS allows SAS programmers to write repeatable test code to test their own work. The core of FUTS is a SAS macro library of assert functions. The assertions allow developers to create tests that compare macro symbols, data sets, and files produced by their SAS code. FUTS also comes with a perl script for batch execution of test suites, automating the process of running tests and reporting results. FUTS enables SAS programmers to adopt agile methods associated with Test-Driven Development, or Test-First Design. FUTS is also suitable for automating regression tests in any software development lifecycle. The FUTS assertion library is compatible with the assertion library used by the thinking data® Event System, which manages events detected by assertions in production code, and provides other features for augmenting the manageability of mission-critical SAS applications. FUTS is available now for free download (registration required) under the Eclipse Public License. The distribution includes the assertion library, batch test driver script, and a sample SAS reporting application with FUTS unit tests. For more information, please visit us at:

Selected Projects:

  • Energy/ Utilities - Provided architecture, strategy/ guidance, and development services for the implementation of a global market risk and treasury risk management system.
  • Insurance - Provided project management, architecture, and requirements gathering services. Defined the scope of a new SAS 9 Business Intelligence Server implementation. Implemented the managed health insurance client's ETL Architecture.
  • Pharma - Provided assessment services for an enterprise level architecture project to migrate a global CRO's SAS infrastructure to version 9
  • Government - Assessed the maturity of the current state of decision support and provided recommendations to the Assistant Secretary of the Airforce, Comptroller on strategies for improving their enterprise data warehousing architecture.
  • Government - Provided project management, requirements and technical architecture services to the Air Force enterprise metadata management strategy.
  • Healthcare - Provided web analytics consulting, reporting and data management services in support of a bioterrorism decision support portal.
  • Pharma - Developed a custom web-based software application that allows users to create pre-defined graphical and tabular reports using an Oracle database as a data source. The application allows these reports (SAS) to be converted into final reports for the FDA. This particular application was for Quality Control in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment to support Product Managers in making decisions about the variability in the manufacturing process.
  • Healthcare - Provided technical consulting services in the design and development of a more robust security model for a large hospital's Strategic Performance Management system.
  • Pharma - Developed a working prototype of a system for a company that has developed a new drug that helps prevent AIDS. In order to study the biochemical behavior, DNA samples, collected from patients at the beginning of any study (baseline sample) and during the study were combined with the genetic data (genotype data) and phenotype data, which contains additional information about the patient, such as health measures, demographics, drug dosages, and concomitant medications. This system was built to support the collection, management, storage and exploitation of this data.
  • Pharma - Led design and development of a Java-based extranet application for National patient registry and pharmaceutical Patient Registry Portal.
  • Pharma - Designed and developed a web-based reporting framework for managing clinical trials reports and the programming environment around them. (CFR 21 P11 requirements) This project consisted of a clinical reporting system, which supported Phase I-III studies and integrated submissions for all clinical study data. The three principal categories of clinical study data that was managed by this system included: background (demographics, subject characteristics, disposition, etc.), efficacy, and safety.