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Tips:Enterprise Guide - Turning Off the ODS output file creation by code

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In SAS Enterprise Guide the creation of HTML output is turned on by default. There is a Tools --> Options --> General Results choice to turn off HTML output file creation globally. Another approach you can use for individual nodes is:

  • right-click the item in the process flow/project tree (for example, a SAS program node), and select Properties.
  • In the Properties window, select the Results tab.
  • Specify the ODS destinations to include, if any.

This allows you to apply special treatment to a single task/program without having to change your "global" options in Tools --> Options.

These solutions are not very handy when we are developing code (e.g. macro libraries) for providing standard tools to support other SAS users in analytical projects, ad-hoc analysis and reporting and the ODS output destination must be closed until our code or macro has finished to avoid unnecessary information displayed on the screen.

Enterprise Guide must open the default ODS destination using the ID= suboption when starts to keep it from accidentally being closed by someone who has run code that had an ODS destination/_all_ CLOSE in it. The ID= option enables you to run multiple instances of the same destination at the same time but it this case it will be used to prevent displaying any output.

Using the statements below will stop the automatic output destination file creation until our code has run from end to end.

 ODS Destination(ID=EGidname) close;
 /* sas code here...  */
 /* To re-open the ODS use;*/
 ODS Destination(ID=EGidname) FILE=EGidname;

where destination could be HTML, PDF, RTF, etc. So, if you want to close the HTML destination the code above should look like the following:

/* sas code here...  */

Below is a list of the most common destinations and the ID= names used by EG4.1:

  • ODS tagsets.sasreport11(ID=EGSR)

Submitted by Alberto Negron. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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