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Using SAS GTL With 9.3 Updates to Visualize Data When There Is Too Much of It to Visualize

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Using SAS® GTL With 9.3 Updates to Visualize Data When There Is Too Much of It to Visualize
presented by Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics

This paper discusses tips for graphing large amounts of data.

Developing a good graph with ODS statistical graphics becomes a challenge when input data maps to crowded displays with overlapping points or lines. Such is the case with the Framingham Heart Study of 5,209 subjects captured in the sashelp.heart data set, a series of 100 booking curves for the airline industry, and interleaving series plots that capture closing stock values over a 20-year period for three giants in the computer industry. In this presentation, transparency, layering, data point rounding and color coding are evaluated for their effectiveness to add visual clarity to graphics output. SAS version 9.2 compatible Graph Template Language (GTL) plotting statements referenced in the presentation include HISTOGRAM, SCATTERPLOT, BOXPLOT, SERIESPLOT and BANDPLOT plus layouts OVERLAY, GRIDDED, DATAPANEL and LATTICE that produce single or multiple-panel graphs.

GTL 9.3 updates for SAS 9.3 have also been added to the presentation. They include HEATMAPPARM for heat maps that add a third dimension to a graph via color, the DISCRETEOFFSET option that makes it possible to insert output from additional plotting statements into the area between ticks on a discrete axis, the RANGEATTRMAP statement for grouping continuous data in a legend, and DISCRETEATTRMAP for assigning colors to 100 series plot lines. If you have SAS 9.3, you automatically have access to GTL.

Presented at the SAS Users of Oregon Conference 2014 in Portland, OR.
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