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VIEWS News is the quarterly newsletter of VIEWS - the International SAS Programmer Community. The newsletter delivers hints, tips, news, and features on technologies and techniques to VIEWS members. And it's free! Articles are written by a balanced mixture of users and consultants - with occasional contributions from SAS staff too. The short, punchy style of VIEWS News makes it easy and convenient to read for the busy members of VIEWS.

* The latest issue (number 55, 2011 Q4) of VIEWS News can be downloaded below, just click on the image:
* All back issues of VIEWS News from Issue 1 can be downloaded from VIEWS News backissues.
* New issues are published in February, May, August and November each year.
* Register with VIEWS by emailing your name, email address and postal address to to receive notification of new issues.
* Contributions for publication in VIEWS News can be sent to

Click here for the VIEWS home page.